Training Page
DRD stands for Drag Rescue Device.

The DRD provides mechanical pull leverage for dragging a downed and incapacitated structural firefighter from a life-threatening
environment.  The design of the Device enables a rescuer to drag the downed firefighter in line with the axis of the firefighters skeletal frame
and in a horizontal position.  This product is integrated into the structural turnout coat and can only be used in structural fire fighting rescue
operations.  This product is not an escape Device for lifting or lowering a person on a lifeline.

Do NOT use this product for lifting or lowering a person on a lifeline or emergency escape.  Using the Harness for unintended purposes may
result in serious bodily injury or death!
BEFORE engaging the DRD on an injured firefighter, confirm that the victim does not have back or neck injuries.  Pulling or dragging a victim
with back or neck injures may lead to serious injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia or death of the victim.

Correct Use of the Drag Rescue Device
1.        Assess victim status and route of escape.  Confirm the victim does not have a back or neck injury!
2.        Lift back collar flap; engage the DRD by pulling the hand loop until fully extended.
3.        Obtain proper grip and commence pulling victim.
                                                 Wednesday Night Training
Third Wednesday of the Month is OSHA Training, all Firefighters should make every attempt
to attend.

Turnout gear is required for training so please remember to bring it....